Reel*Time USA Fishing Challenges

Catch & release sailfish challenge rules 2023

1)  Registration is by Boat. Unlimited anglers, lines & teasers

2)  Captains & mates are eligible to be an angle

3)  Boundaries: Leave from & return to any inlet along the east coast of Florida from Fernandina Beach to Key West.

4) Pick your 1 fishing day from April 1st through April 30, 2023.

5) Fishing Hours: Lines in 7:30 AM, Lines out 4PM.

5a) If you are “hooked up” during the last 15 minutes of fishing (3:45pm to 4pm) you must take a video upon hookup AND release to verify the sailfish was hooked before lines out.

6) All video clips must be taken from a cell phone. No Go pros or any other devices may be used. 7) No live or dead bait chumming.

8a) Your fishing day must be declared by 6pm the night before you are fishing. To declare your fishing day click on pre-fish-form

8b) You must fill out a pre-fish form the night before you are fishing

8c) You will receive a boat number via text to use for video verification.

8d) Check out procedure: Only use cell phone. Video your GPS position & start time and all sailfish with the Video Release Verification procedure.

9) Video release verification procedure: All sailfish releases must be verified in a continuous video footage using your cell phone & having the following:

a) ID the angler by stating the angler’s name and state your boat number for that day.

b) ID the sailfish with continuous video showing fish and the fish being separated from the leader.

c) The release with separation must be in your video.

10) Each team captain is responsible to make sure phones are fully charged, GPS locator is turned on & has plenty of storage.

11) The Captain must fill out a /catch-report-form/ & text all videos to Lenny 609.377.0529 before 8pm that same day. If report and videos are not submitted by 8pm that day. All fish will be disqualified.

12) I.G.F.A. Rules apply except as follows:
a) Only non-offset circle hooks and maximum manufacturer stated 20-lb. test line may be used. The combined length of the leader and the double line may not exceed 20 feet.

b) Passing the rod after hookup (hook and hand) is permitted to an angler only once per fish. The pass must occur as close to the hookup as possible.

c) Live or dead/artificial bait may be used during your day of fishing, however you must declare the night before which 1 technique you will be fishing for your day (Live or Dead/ Artificial Bait).

d) Live bait point system per release: =100 points per sailfish. Dead/Artificial bait system per release = 200 points per sailfish.

13) In case of a tie the winner will be determined by which boat/team reaches the number of points that resulted in the tie first based on time of their last release.

Legal Stuff: By participating in this Challenge and submitting videos & photos, you consent to the use of your footage by Reel*Time USA at their discretion to promote Reel*Time USA events.

All protests must only be filed by a registered angler or crew-member. The tournament director must be notified immediately by calling 609.377.0529. All protest(s) must be in writing, signed by the protesting angler/crew member and include the registered angler(s) name(s), a contact phone number and $500.00 cash or check made payable to Reel*Time USA. All protests will be settled the day after the alleged incident. All protests must be in the hands of the tournament director not later than 6pm the day after the alleged incident. The protesting party, as well as the accused team members, captain and crew, MUST be present in any official protest hearing. If the accused or protesting teams or any individual member fail to show up for the protest hearing, then they are forfeiting their right to be heard and will abide by the decision made by the official tournament judges. All decisions made by the official tournament judges are final. The $500.00 fee required to protest will be returned to the protesting angler/crew member should the protest result in a decision in the protesting angler/crew member’s favor

By registering to participate in this Challenge, you, the participant, agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless Reel*Time USA LLC, Reel*Time USA Catch & Release Challenge, Lenny Strobel, ROFFS and any and all affiliates involved in this event from any claim or causes of action of any kind including but not limited to injury, death, property damage or other damages whether through your own negligence, the negligence of another, or the negligence of Reel*Time USA LLC, Reel*Time USA Catch & Release Challenge, Lenny Strobel, ROFFS or any and all affiliates involved in this event. Reel*Time USA LLC reserves the right to refuse any entry at their discretion.
Refund policy: Entry fees are non-refundable in the event you do not participate in the Challenge for any reason whatsoever.

Each team is responsible for consulting his or her local fishing laws/regulations concerning billfish before participating in this contest. Each participant accepts sole responsibility and risk for knowing the fishing regulations/laws where you fish for this challenge. Reel*Time USA makes no representations regarding any fishing regulations/laws nor makes any guarantee of safety in participation. Each participant participates at his or her own risk and agrees to submit to polygraph upon request by Tournament officials.
All Winners will complete and submit to Reel*Time USA a 1099 form before receiving any cash prizes.


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