Reel * Time USA – #Beat Chef Lenny Challenge

#Beat Chef Lenny Challenge

What is the #BeatChefLennyChallenge? This challenge is a one on one, head to head, mano a mano, Largemouth Bass Catch & Release Challenge to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis. Chef Lenny and the challenger will agree on a location, date and time length of the fishing challenge (normally 1 to 2 hours). Also, a friendly wager will be agreed on prior to fishing that will be donated later to the MS Society.

The winner in the challenge is determined by who caught and released the most Largemouth Bass in the allotted time period. The loser of the challenge will then donate the agreed wager to the MS Society. This is a fun challenge that will be documented and posted on social media (facebook, Instagram & twitter) throughout the challenge.

So, are you interested in competing in the next #BeatChefLennyChallenge? Then we would like to hear from you. Please fill out the form below with your contact info and a brief description on why you think you can beat Chef Lenny in a Head to Head Largemouth Bass Catch & Release Challenge. If your locations and the time of year align with Chef Lenny’s travels, then we may be in contact with you to accept the challenge!

Helping To Raise Awareness & Funds For The National MS Society

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