Hey Folks,

Please allow me to introduce myself and Reel*Time USA. My name is Captain/Chef Lenny Strobel, Founder and President of Reel*Time USA LLC. I am proud to announce this “One-of-a-Kind” Fishing Challenge. Anyone in the USA may join the challenge and compete for amazing gift prizes.

Before I go into details, I would like to share with you how this idea came about: A few years ago, I was bass fishing in Jupiter, Florida. I noticed a few kids fishing next to me and having a blast catching bass and taking “selfie” photos with their fish before they would carefully release them back in the water. What took place after that caught my attention; they were sharing their Bass photos on social media. The excitement on their faces and the conversations they had amongst each other was absolutely infectious. They couldn’t wait to catch another fish to post to their friends near and far. From this observation, I was inspired to organize a friendly competition with friends. The event wound up having 76 anglers in 9 states.

Today, that idea has turned into a “National Fishing Challenge”. There are hundreds of participants from all over the USA that have enjoyed a day with their family and friends, making memories and teaching fundamental values like: Strong work ethic and good sportsmanship.

This event has 32 winning divisions from children to senior citizens, bait or artificial lures and boat or land. The format is very unique because it allows anyone to compete across the country, in any pond, lake, stream or honey hole.  Participants sign up thru the website:(www.reeltimeusa.com), buy that day's newspaper to authenticate their catches, go fish 4 consecutive hours taking selfie photos with newspaper of each Largemouth bass before they release. The person who catches and releases the most bass in a 4 hour time slot....WINS their division and incredible Gift Prizes.

Sign up today and be part of this "ONE OF A KIND" Fishing Challenge.


​Our Corporate mission: To Help Raise Awareness and Funds for Charitable Organizations!


Good luck to all.


Lenny Strobel
Reel*Time USA LLC










Lenny Strobel 

Contact: 609.377.0529



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